“Roll Of The Dice” Workout, Wiffle Ball (Grades 3 & 4) 04.09.13 – 04.16.13


2:00: Jumping Rope



“Roll of the Dice”

Draw out an exercise card from the hat.  At the roll of the dice, students perform the sum total of the number of dots shown for that exercise.  Draw another exercise card and roll the dice again.  Repeat for 10 minutes.

Exercises may include: air squat, push-up, burpee, flutter kick, plank hold, mountain climber, and squat jump.

Physical Education 002 Physical Education 012 Physical Education 005


Modified Wiffle Ball (a modification of the “real” Wiffle Ball rules: http://www.wiffle.com/about_rules.asp#rules)

From Wiffle.com:

As in baseball, the game is played with one team at bat and one team in the field… The rules of play are similar to baseball, however there is no base running. Three outs to retire a side, per inning, nine innings per game. In case of a tie, additional innings are played. For a complete inning, both sides must bat.

An out for the batter can be made in three ways:

  1. The batter can strike out only if he/she swings at a pitched ball and does not foul tip the third strike. Foul tips count as a strike for the first two strikes only. A foul tip caught in back of the batters box does not count as an out.
  2. Fly balls caught in fair or foul territory
  3. Ground balls caught while the ball is in motion, in fair territory. Bunting is not allowed and the batter cannot obtain a base on balls.

For our P.E. class, teams can score one, two, or three points by hitting pitched balls to certain marked areas of the gym floor and walls and by hitting the ball past fielders.


Skill Review

Q and A

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